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re: The Halfling Props Project

Fellow halflings,

many of you are already building their homes in Landmark and they are really wonderful. Or will be I am sure! But currently we lack of the proper …props to decorate our homes approp(s)riately. We are going to build some stuff in 3D to create the props we could use and submit them to Player Studio. We have some ideas already of course. Basic stuff like shelves, stools, chairs, tables, candles, lamps, cupboards, flowerboxes and such stuff. Maybe you have some nice ideas, too? If you like we could work together!

To be clear about it: We are not aiming for the big money to make with this (we have jobs for that). This is more an efford to try to give us the props we would like to have. There also is no guarantee the creations of ours will be accepted by SOE. We’ll have to see what works and what does not.

Regarding “money making” with the store: To keep things simple and unburdened between friends we agreed that all income will go to a children’s charity organization. Which one is yet to be determined.

Remember: The style of everything should/shall be more on the comic style side than on the realistic side. What the props should not do is destroy the art style of the game.

If you want to help, contact us!

In our forum we already have created some categories, each one with a thread to collect ideas. Each individual item will get it's own development-discussion thread where we start out with ideas gathering for the item, then concept art, then model and then refinement of that model until the prop is finished. The goal is to have some basic props ready to submit to Player Studio when the store goes up or shortly after.


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